The Finest Specialty Prepolymers in the Industry


PCA castable urethane elastomers are isocyanate-terminated prepolymers which through chain extension – or as commonly called “curing” – with selected diamines; diol; polyols or other polyfunctional active-hydrogen containing material are converted into high-performance urethane elastomers. By careful selection of the type of PCA prepolymer and the type and ratio of chain extender (“curative”), a wide range of elastomers can be obtained with physical properties tailored to meet specific end application requirements.

When comparing PCA elastomers with many existing plastics, rubber and even metals, a wide range of physical property advantages can be achieved which results in major savings in labor and equipment downtime costs where short service life has been a problem with existing material. These properties, in many cases, include superior toughness and abrasion resistance coupled with excellent dynamic characteristics and resistance to oils, solvents and various other media.